From FAT to fit: The Food is Changin’

My eating…my overeating was going to come to an end.  After weeks of drinking more water than I’d care to think about I was about to limit my food intake.

Food.  I LOVE food.  I wouldn’t have gotten to the size I was unless I loved food.  However, the bigger I became I often felt guilty after eating, especially when my meal consisted of a large sized burger, fries, and soda or after my fourth or fifth trip through a buffet line.  But my time had arrived.  My eating…my overeating was going to come to an end.  After weeks of drinking more water than I’d care to think about I was about to limit my food intake.

On June 29th of this year, I joined….rejoined My Fitness Pal, with a starting weight of 265 lbs, I joined…rejoined My Fitness Pal.  (

June 2017

After updating my information I started with a daily calorie goal of 1,500.  Utilizing My Fitness Pal to track my food intake was the first step.  I stepped out of my introverted comfort zone and joined groups and added friends, building the online support I would need to succeed in my weight loss goal.

Wendy of Mysfam Cottage joined me on this adventure and having her in-person support has been fundamental to my success.  Wendy is the force behind tossing all of the junk food and most of the processed food into the trash when I would have kept the temptations in the cabinets and refrigerator.  The act of tossing that stuff out made this lifestyle change became more real somehow.  No more chips, no more ice cream.  Air-popped popcorn has replaced the chips, fruit replaced the ice cream.  Most of the processed foods in Mysfam Cottage have been eliminated.  Vegetables, fruits, and lean protein have taken the place of the frozen pizzas, dinner in a box meals, and TV dinners.

The change from the yummy-but-bad-for-me foods to the healthy foods has been easier than I ever anticipated.  And, while I do at times have a craving for a giant burger with a humongous side of fries, the craving has become easier and easier to ignore.

There are times when we are shocked by the amount of calories we used to gobble up on our own, let alone together.  Now, even when we splurge and eat out, we make better choices.  And, more often than not, we are NOT members of the clean plate club.

Now, everything that goes into my mouth is logged and recorded, even when I cheat during a meal, even when my weekly weigh in doesn’t go as well as I’d hope.  Let me repeat this:  EVERYTHING is measured and logged, every tablespoon of coffee creamer in the morning to each ounce of meat at dinner.

After my first week and a half of logging every bite and sip I put in my mouth I did my first official-ish weigh-in.  I weighed in at 268 lbs.  I’d gained three pounds.  I was devastated, but I am nothing if not determined to continue.  I changed my goal weight loss goal from one pound to two a week, which changed my daily calorie intake to 1,240.  Two weeks later I was down to 243 lbs.

Week after week of drinking over 100 ounces of water a day, weekly weigh-ins, and logging every bite of food, my hard work and determination is paying off.

I have gone from a known weight of 289 lbs to 265 lbs to a current weight of 204 lbs.

Nov 2017

However, I have come to the point in my journey I’d been dreading.  Exercise.  Yes, I’ll be adding exercise into the mix.  This will be the hardest part of my journey for me.  I hate exercise as much as I love food.  Forcing myself to take the next steps to continue my healthier lifestyle will take all of my willpower and motivation in the coming days, weeks, and months.

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