Another Step to a Healthier Mysfam Cottage

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Mysfam Cottage household.




That’s right!  An upright freezer for our little home.  This is the Christmas gift to the humans of Mysfam Cottage, from us to us!  It is also something to help us continue on our quest for a healthier us.

For a while now we’ve wanted to be able to make and freeze meals, but our normal freezer was usually taken up by frozen vegetables and chicken.  As Thanksgiving has come closer we realized we wouldn’t have any room for the traditional turkey (or two), which is what led to our purchase at this point in time.

And it wasn’t long before Wendy cooked up a storm (because NO ONE wants my particular “skills” in the kitchen, trust me, it isn’t pretty)!  Thankfully, she is extremely talented in the kitchen—Wendy says it’s from being a country mom, so not only can she cook and cook well, but she has experience when it comes to freezer meals.

The first Sunday after the freezer arrived, the cutting board and BIG mixing bowl came out as veggies were prepped, things were mixed, and all kinds of magic were made.  I helped by staying out of the way, except for taking photos!

Meal Prep 2

The first meals were a turkey sausage and veggie bake, chicken noodle soup, and a chicken and broccoli bake.  The veggie bake is a Mysfam Cottage favorite; the chicken noodle is because we want some on hand with cold and flu season coming up; and the broccoli bake is a new addition to our mealtime rotation, and will be tested before I add the recipe to our recipe page.

I’ve put the recipe for veggie bake on the Mysfam Cottage’s recipe page.  Other recipes will follow when I can pry them out of Wendy…after I’ve recovered from this blasted cold!  Good thing we (Wendy) made plenty of that chicken noodle soup!!!

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