The Beginning of Mysfam Cottage: How We Met

Life happens.  For good or ill, it happens.  The choices we make and the life events out of our control led us to where we are right now.  Four years ago I was alone in the world, my closest family was either scattered across the country or gone.  The choices I’d made in the years since my mother’s passing were not, what I would consider, wise ones.  I made friends with people who used me as their personal ATM machines which led me into a financial ruin.  My house was foreclosed on, and with nowhere to go, I was homeless.  My car filled to the brim with my most prized possessions, namely my furbaby, Boo.  I was shattered.  Emotionally and spiritually.

I hated my life and, apparently, my life hated me.  A friend convinced her sister to put me up, but for reasons I won’t go into, it was not the place for me.  The week following the loss of my house had to be one of the most stressful I’d ever experienced, and I’d had to force myself to keep going.  Just put one foot in front of the other.

With the foreclosure fresh on my credit no apartment complex would accept me, so I knew I couldn’t be on my own, not with my finances in such a mess.  Thank goodness for the internet.  I spent every spare moment I had scouring roommate websites.  I didn’t care who was listing, so long as it was in my budget, was in a semi-safe area, and allowed cats.  Or at least two of the three.

One roommate wanted ad, however, kept popping up, no matter which website I clicked on.  It hit all of my needs.  Price, cat, safe.  I contacted the ad’s poster, and a five-minute phone call to inquire about the apartment led to a thirty minute chat and an appointment to see it after work that evening.  Looking at the apartment didn’t take long, the kitchen was the size of a postage stamp, but it had two bedrooms and one bathroom.  The five minute “tour” turned into a two-hour gab session, which only ended because I had to run to take care of Boo.  We’d bonded over crappy financial situations, a love of cats, and NCIS.

And that was how I met Wendy.

Little did I know where such a shitty, spirit shattering situation would lead me to a roommate who would become my best friend and soul-sister.

Author: emilyofmysfamcottage

I'm a weird, wandering, book-loving writer who shares a home with her soul sister, two crazy cats, and an even crazier dog. Sometimes I write about made-up worlds and sometimes I write about my insane life. Every now and then I'll go take photographs.