Holiday Time at Mysfam Cottage

The first anniversary of Mysfam Cottage is just starting to peak over the horizon, and we’ve celebrated our first Thanksgiving at the Cottage.  Our families are either scattered across the U.S. or celebrating the holiday with other familial branches, so while our household may be small in number, it is not small in friendship and sisterhood.

Food is the focus over the holiday season, shadowed only by family and friendship.  Wendy, as a former country mom, prepared a feast among feasts.  One in which I enjoyed…okay…over enjoyed to the best of my stomach’s ability.  But what can you do when you have such yumminess calling your name?  Who could resist?  Not me!


Now, with the corn bread dressing gone and the turkey all gobbled up (and the less we say about how many pieces of pumpkin pie I had, the better) Mysfam Cottage is preparing for Christmas.  It will be our first real Christmas.  Last year we spent most of the holiday unpacking boxes and trying to just move in.

Christmas at Mysfam Cottage!  The pine (candles) scent the air, the fire (thanks to YouTube) is crackling merrily away, Christmas song (Alexa, play Christmas Music) fill the Cottage, and snow is falling (somewhere in the world, I’m sure) in fat, fluffy flakes.  As for our urban cottage, I won’t lie and tell you we have it all Pintrest meets the North Pole.  After moving from a tiny apartment to the Cottage, we just don’t have the decorations to play with…yet.  But for now the tree is decorated, the wreath is on the door, the lights are up, and the Christmas knickknacks are on display.


This has been the year of blessing for those of us at Mysfam Cottage.  We found our forever home, animals who make us laugh (most of the time), family who love us, good friends.  We are blessed, and the bitter years leading up to this…have made it all the sweeter.


So, from our family to yours:

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