From FAT to Fit: Emily’s Journey

My journey towards a healthier lifestyle has so far led me to increase my water intake daily and to dramatically decrease my daily calorie intake.  (You can read about it:  HERE–A Work in Progress  HERE–The Time is Now And HERE–The Food is Changin’)

In eight months I have lost a significant amount of weight.  My known heaviest was 289 lbs, but these changes have led to my current weight of 197 lbs, a change of almost 100 lbs.  Now I’ve had to come up against my biggest challenge thus far.  Exercise.

For me, the endorphins released after a good solid workout, that runner’s high everyone is always talking about…

Yeah, it’s a lie.  Big lie.  Gargantuan.  Don’t get me wrong, I do feel a sense of accomplishment every time I finish a long walk with Twyla or a hike across some of the most beautiful trails Arkansas has to offer…when I manage to shame myself enough to actually get out and go.  But that feel good feeling people talk about….yeah, no.

Common belief says that it takes twenty-one days before something becomes a habit.  Yeah, I can’t manage to do this beyond a single week.  I could give you a whole host of excuses—it’s cold out; I’m tired; it’s dark outside.  But the truth is…I just don’t want to.

I’d much rather snuggle back into my nice, warm bed or read a book…like the one I’m reading now.  I’ve only read it once or twice…or ten times already.  And I’m not the only slugabed in the morning *cough* Twyla *cough*.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a 70 lb. dog OUT of bed in the morning???  I almost have to resort to dog biscuit bribery.  She’ll eventually slowly ooze out of whichever of our beds she’s decided to hog the previous night, grumpily sighing the entire time, in order to go outside to do her morning business.

I told Twyla it was time to go for a walk….

And, yes, by the way, I’m TOTALLY blaming the dog.

Hope you enjoyed that little side tangent…back to the topic at hand.  My half-hearted attempts to workout have fallen into the realms of “Oh, I’ll do it later today…tomorrow…next week” and “Oh, look something shiny” with a back road detour into “Oh, look at that Pin”.  Nice places, all of them.  Swear!  I KNOW I have to just get up, get in gear, buckle down, and do it.  But I think it’s built into this insurmountable task.  A goal I can’t accomplish with any regularity.

After all, it takes me an hour plus to walk Twyla what I consider our normal distance.  Who has time for that…at five o’clock in the morning…with 2 ½ hours before I have to leave for work…when I only takes me fifteen minutes to get ready…I blame the dog.  Totally the innocent dog’s fault.

Twyla after our “normal” walk….

So…time to buckle down.  My health is on me.  This journey’s success or failure is on me.  And I need to do this.  I have to do this.  I will do this.  So, new goal.  Five minutes a day.  Doesn’t matter what I do.  Just five minutes of time devoted to actually exercising.  Surely I can do that!  Right???


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