From FAT to fit: Life Never Goes as Planned

Just a bit of a notice:  This post is really short.

I’ve been working on my minuscule five-minute exercise time goal I’d mentioned in my From FAT to Fit: Emily’s Journey post.  Correction—I’ve been working on my minuscule five-minute exercise time goal over the weekend.  Weekdays, those I still have to work on.  But because I’m still slacking I figured I’d just make it up over the weekend.

For the past couple of days I’ve been taking Twyla for long, long walks as well as throwing in an hour…or so…of yoga with some free weights for some flavor.  And shock and amazement, I went slightly overboard.

The middle of my walk, before my back went out…

Correction, I did go overboard.  Without a life preserver.  This morning I did a few minutes of yoga, had breakfast, then took Twyla out for a walk.  After three miles, and thankfully almost home, my body was like…NOPE.  As a result, I am currently sitting curled up on the couch, typing on my laptop, trying not to move with a heating pad across my back and shoulder.  Any plans I had to work on this blog post has been derailed because I’m sure ya’ll don’t want to read my whining.

Still, I won’t give up.  I’ll be doing some yoga this evening to work on stretching the tightness in my shoulder and taking some pain killers to help with my back.  I. AM. NOT. GIVING. UP.  It isn’t allowed.  Neither is my procrastinating.  No more.  I will add exercise into my life.  Even if it kills me…

It won’t, right?

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