Emily’s Journey: Self-Challenge

There is a level in hell called exercise, and nothing you say can convince me otherwise.  As part of my new healthy lifestyle adding exercise has been the hardest.  Still, I’ve been walking more as part of my “five minutes of exercise a day” routine, which of course, lasts longer than five minutes, but I also planned on incorporating yoga into the mix.  However, shocker alert:  I’m lazy and kept procrastinating.

Until I somehow managed to hurt my back and shoulder, the former of which seized up while I was finishing up a walk, luckily I was only a block or so away from Mysfam Cottage.  Thankfully, my back was fine and stopped hurting before the end of the day.  My shoulder, however, didn’t.

I decided to see if doing some yoga would help.  Now, I’ve played at doing yoga a few times over the years with my practice being off and on.  More…okay, mostly off.  The longest I stuck with it was about three months in college and my attendance was sporadic at best.  I have to say, about an hour after doing some stretches for my shoulder and upper back for about twenty minutes, my shoulder had stopped hurting.

It was enough to convince me to add a bit of yoga to my daily routine, even on days I’m not able to go for a walk.  During my first evening session, I, in infinite wisdom, decided to challenge myself.  Yoga for a year.  My challenge is to do at least five minutes of yoga every day for a year.  I’m a few days into my self-challenge, but considering the humans of Mysfam Cottage have headed up to Indiana for the Christmas holiday…yeah, this should be interesting.

One of my first attempts at yoga—Don’t judge!
Thunderpaws wants to help…..





Okay, fine…..


And for those wondering about Thunderpaws, the Wild Child, and the Matron…they will be spoiled by their wonderful pet sitter.

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