Emily’s Journey: My End of Year Check-In

The year is winding down I’ve been thinking about the past eight months.  So far, I’ve lost almost 100 lbs because I didn’t want to have to pay extra for my flight when my BFF and I took our Hawaii trip.  The trip may have been postponed, but it was the catalyst to behind my determination to lose weight.  I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned so far that have helped me.

Emily in June of 2017
Emily in December 2017

Be honest.  Before I began this change, I was honest with myself.  I wanted this to work, and I wanted it to be a lifelong change.  I knew if I tried to do everything at once I would fail…again.  By slowly incorporating the harder steps into my lifestyle has helped to keep me successful and on track.

Be honest about food.  I have issues with food.  Big issues.  I’ve had to learn to be brutally honest with myself in regards to food.  The only person who is cheated and hurt by not logging everything I eat, is me and me alone.  The only person who is cheated and hurt when I eat myself sick at a buffet or when I eat an entire bag of “healthy” popcorn in one sitting or when one cookie leads to another…and another…and to half the package, is me and me alone.  Only I can be held accountable.

Water.  Water intake is no joke.  I started this journey by increasing my water intake.  I still continue to drink 130 oz of water each day.  Most of the time it helps with keeping me from overeating.

Planning is awesome.  A little bit of planning is paramount to success.  Planning out my meals is one of the best things I do each day.  By planning out my meals I have a better idea of what I can eat and it helps me keep my calorie count on track each day.  Planning out my meals each week allows me to know exactly what to buy at the grocery store.  By knowing what I’ll be cooking for my meals allows me to prep meals and make meals ahead of time.  So I’ll save time and money, and who doesn’t like that?

Recognize the successes big and small.  One of the things I share with my MyFitnessPal friends who have become frustrated with their journey is that some weight loss successes aren’t necessarily on the scale.  Success is the way clothes fit—they may fit better or have become loose.  Successes are the inches lost rather than pounds.  It is, admittedly, something I have to remind myself when I don’t show a loss or even when I show a gain.  So in the spirit of celebrating my smaller successes…Several years ago I bought an onyx ring and I’ve never been able to wear it.  Until now.  My balance has improved (even before I began incorporating yoga into my routine) quite a bit.

Be kind and forgiving.  I’m still working on being kind to myself and forgiving myself when I’m not perfect.  There will be times I go over my calorie count.  There will be times I have a cookie…or half a package of cookies.  And, really, what’s life without a cookie every once in a while?

Have fun and be willing to laugh…no other explanation needed.


Don’t wait.  I’ve learned to not wait to take charge of my life.  Waiting to start a diet on Monday or waiting to make a New Year’s resolution or waiting to exercise on the weekend…is just that.  Waiting.  And waiting isn’t doing.  Change doesn’t come with waiting.  Change will only come by doing.

I’m doing.  I’m going into the upcoming year full of optimism as I continue to take charge of my weight and health.

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