About Mysfam

Hello and welcome to Mysfam Cottage!  Mysfam Cottage is the unconventional home of two cats, a dog, and two women who started off as roommates who became friends who who grew to become sisters.  Wendy and I are not related by blood or law, but we ARE sisters…soul-sisters.  Which explains the meaning behind MYSFAM–My Sister From Another Mother.

We are an all female household of women (Wendy and Emily), cats (Boo and YinYang), and a dog (Twyla), and have lived at Myfam Cottage for a year, and have experienced the joys and tribulations that come with being homeowners.  Yay, decorating without having to worry about landlords; BOOOO, home repairs and yard work.

Primarily, this website will be used to post our journey towards a healthier us which we began in April of 2017.  I’ll be sharing recipes and some of our experiences as we incorporate this healthy lifestyle.  Our interests are varied, so please be prepared to encounter posts a wide range of topics.  Both of us are creative, so you’ll see everything from photos to crochet projects.

So, that being said, welcome to our trials and triumphs, happy reading!